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{June 26, 2011}   I won’t be able to attend DebConf this year

I haven’t blogged for a while, because I’ve been doing so many things that I scarcely had time nor will for it. Among all those things, and during the weekends of the last few months, we have been teaching kids (8-12 y.o.) about computers, Free Software and technology. Those kids are great, very intelligent, very motivated, and very funny to be with. I miss them a bit after the program has ended. In any case, I’ve been given the chance to teach some more kids during summer weekdays, and I’m really looking forward to it. The downside of this is that I won’t have any summer holidays and, thus, I finally won’t be able to attend DebConf 11 in Banja Luka, which was something I was also looking forward too. But, even though that’s something  I’d really love to do, one cannot be in two places at the time, so this year I finally won’t be able to attend DebConf either. Have lots of fun! I’ll miss you! :)

In case you want to know more about all of this (sorry, links are in Spanish):

Oh, and to show you what I’m exchanging you for (nothing personal):

Photo of the official presentation, with the parents and the kidsPhoto of all the kids in Campus TICPhoto of all the kids in Yo ProgramoPhoto of the kids in my group of Campus TICKids in Campus TIC working with their computersTeam group of my kids in Campus TICGroup photo of the kids in my group, in Campus TICKids in Campus TIC working with Lego WeDo robots

I wouldn’t like to end this post without thanking all the kids from both Campus TIC and Yo Programo for being so cool, and also to welcome the kids from Fantastic Park, in case any of them -or their parents- are reading.

Oh, and all of you who attend DebConf this year, have a lot of fun! :)

Ana says:

fotos++ ¡me encantan!

paco prieto says:

Thanks Miry
It is a nice post !! Lot of things to do with FantasTIC kids loving ITC.
I understand that you had a difficult decision about summer, but knowing you and the Campus agenda, I am sure that this summer will be full of fun with the children. They will share their creativity and you will share free sofware and creativity.
Good decision !!! ;-)

Marcos Dione says:

It’s nice to see a more or less even amount of girls and boys. maybe in a few years the current unbalance will disappear!

Kevin Mark says:

Its great to see such a dedicated person who’d rather educate kids then party with a bunch of hackers, not that we might not act childish sometimes :) If we can create an android before the next debconf, then you can do both!

Cis Garcia says:

Eres la caña, Miry! (I would say that in english, but I don’t know how to translate that expression :)

Miry says:

Blog de FantasTIC Park 2011: http://campus.fundacionctic.org/diario-2011/
Fotos en Picasa: https://picasaweb.google.com/116792445892307394401

Miriam Ruiz says:

[...] On the 26th of June I wrote that I wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere this summer (including DebConf 11), because I was going to be teaching lots of things related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to a bunch of kids. That was a bit more than two months ago. On the 27th of June we started the first edition of Fantastic Park with a lot of enthusiasm, and hoping that the kids participating could get in touch to the ICT world while having fun. After all, it was summer holidays. [...]

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