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{May 28, 2007}   FoF in Debian!

Frets on Fire is, according to the Wikipedia, a music video game, a clone of the Guitar Hero video games, in which the player emulates playing a guitar with the keyboard of their computer. The keyboard is also meant to be picked up like a guitar in order to play, with one hand pressing the fret buttons and another pressing the pick buttons. There is support for joysticks however, meaning that the Guitar Hero controllers can be used as well. The game also includes a tutorial and a built-in song editor. The source code written for the game is written in Python, and released under the GNU General Public License.

The game included some non-DFSG-free song files and some internal fonts which needed to be replaced in order for the game to enter Debian repositories. There’s a pack of new songs made by Carlos Viola Iborra and released under a free license. Thanks Carlos! This package of songs has entered the repositories too and is called fretsonfire-songs-sectoid. The original songs that were included in the game, made by Tommi Inkilä, will probably be included in the non-free repositories soon, as a package called fretsonfire-songs-inkila.

I’d like to thank the developers of FoF, Sami Kyöstilä, Joonas Kerttula and Tommi Inkilä, for their full cooperation during all this process. You’re great, guys! :)

Kevin Mark says:

After reading about your packaging issues regarding the sound recording from Finland, will any song or similar media files from Finland ever be in ‘Main’?

Miry says:

Nop, none of the original songs of the game will be in main for the moment, excepting the tutorial which cannot really be considered a song. I guess at some point we could include some music from there as long as the authors are not affiliated to Teosto. Well, maybe Teosto could at some point even change their mind about this.

In this case anyway, the developers of FoF themselves have finally decided that they’d prefer their music to be used only with this game and its derivatives, so that’ll be quite DFSG limiting too.

Anyway, luckily we might find newer songs in Debian too. I hope that, at least ( fabi, I count on you :) )

Anonymous says:

I did notice that the tutorial remained. Do you know for sure that it doesn’t fall under the same restrictions?

Miry says:

Yes, we’ve talked about it with upstream for a long time to clarify this :)

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