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{September 04, 2007}   Kenta Cho games, as promised

Peter De Wachter and I have been packaging most of Kenta Cho’s games in the latest weeks. As it might take a while for them to reach Debian repositories, mostly because they’ll have to wait for libbulletml to go through NEW queue, and afterwards they’ll have to go through the NEW queue themselves, I thought it might make sense to have them available online. Some of them will need libbulletml, you might as well download it too if you’re interested.

So far, the following games are available:

I hope to finish Val & Rick soon too. We probably won’t package Suzuri and Masashikun Hi!, as they’d probably be quite difficult to port to Linux. Noiz2sa is already packaged in Debian (well, so is rRootage, but I will upload the newer version soon, I just don’t want to harass my sponsors too much, so please be patient).

The games can be temporarily downloaded here, and libbulletml here. libbulletml has been coded in C++ by shinichiro.h, while BulletML design is Kenta Cho’s. You also have packages available for 360 degree barrages (bulletss) and White barrage (sdmkun) by shinichiro.h. The former is a small demo for libbulletml, while the latter lets you see and experiment the power of the language.

ÇAntonio says:

Que bien nos lo vamos a pasar en BGuernika

Eric Cooper says:

Thanks for doing this — these look great.
Please consider making a meta-package that depends on all of these (kenta-cho-games?) and perhaps put them under a single sub-menu.

jldugger says:

Beaten! I’ve been trying to get some of those guys built on Ubuntu, but it seems that gunroar and titanion don’t build on the latest GDC! (or DMD). Did you have to patch it much to get them to build?

Miry says:

Yup, we had to patch them quite a bit to make them run properly. Peter De Wachter did most of the patching anyway, so it’s his merit :)

jldugger says:

I don’t see his name in the copyright file ;) . But yea, now that I look at the diff, it’s quite large. It’s unfortunate that there’s no decent upstream for this — I’m sure other distributions/people can use these patches.

Miry says:

Gentoo has also nice patches, some of ours are based on them, but they were not enough.

jldugger says:

Out of curiosity, what prompted making the Makefile instead of using ant with the provided build.xml? Also, I’ve successfully built the package with rather minimal changes! ^_^

Miry says:

The first versions of some packages were built using ant, but ant needs quite heavy dependencies to be installed, including the Java virtual machine, gjc runtime environment and so, and we thought it was overkill to need them, specially for smaller architectures, when in fact it wasn’t really needed at all.

Congratz, jldugger! It wasn’t that difficult, was it? :)

jldugger says:

Not after stealing that patch. Good lord, template forward references are a killer D bug, I hope walter recognizes that it’s worth the cost to fix. Most of the other language bugs I had trivially fixed, but it’s neat to compare what I was doing with someone more experienced. Today I plan to get those into a launchpad PPA for Ubuntu users (gutsy only folks — gdc is brand new!).

Rastreador says:

Miri cada día nos traes cosas más curiosas. =;-)

Miry says:

Rastreador: Pues ya verás lo que viene en la siguiente tanda, ya los tengo casi terminados ;)


Ubuntu Life » Blog Archive » El Juego del Viernes says:

[...] Pues bien, la mayoria de esos juegos estan portados a Debian/Ubuntu y podemos jugar a ellos desde Linux. [...]

Paulo Silva says:

thanks a lot Peter De Wachter and all else people helped to port Kenta Cho’s games to Linux – i didn’t know them until installing them from the Ubuntu’s repository! :-)

so, i’m curious about which seems to be the hardest port: Mazer Mayhem from the Mono-XNA! ;-p

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