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{August 24, 2007}   GoPlay!

Thumbnail of GoPlay! v0.1DebTags is a really nice system for clasifying programs, it allows you to select which packages you want by being able to select between many different kind of labels, that are used to categorize them. Anyway, there is sitll a long way to go if we want to make it easier for users to locate the programs they want, and that goes for games too.

In DebConf7, in Edinburgh (Scotland), Enrico suggested me that we could do a GUI for searching the games available in Debian, using his DebTags as the backend. Starting there, using his libept library for accessing the data, FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit) as the toolkit engine, and C++ as the programming language, we’ve been slowly developing it.

The version 0.1 of the program is ready, and hopefully will be in Debian soon. We’ve decided to create a standalone package with the thumbnails, that could also be shared with other programs, and the package for goplay itself. Both are now waiting in the NEW queue, and hopefully soon they will be in Debian. Of course, more snapshots of the games shall be taken, and there’s a lot of room for improvements, but at least it’s a starting point.

For using it, you’ll need to install debtags and ept-cache in your system, and set them up properly, and possibly also the results from popcon, if you want to have that data in the GUI too:

apt-get install debtags ept-cache
debtags update
mkdir /var/lib/popcon/
cd /var/lib/popcon
wget http://popcon.debian.org/all-popcon-results.txt.gz
ept-cache reindex

Gonéri says:

Congratulation you both for what you’re doing. It’s impressive :) .

Wolfgang Lonien says:

Marvelous! Congratulations, and please greet Enrico from me as well, the next time you’ll meet him.

Please keep me updated about when I should report about it in thedebianuser.org.

Thanks, and kind regards,

Willi Mann says:

I’m not sure if it matters so much, but some of the PNGs are not fully optimized concerning their size. You could save about 150 KB:

@usr/share/games/thumbnails$ du
2808 .
@usr/share/games/thumbnails$ for i in *.png; do optipng -o5 $i ; done
@usr/share/games/thumbnails$ du
2651 .

Miry says:

Thanks Willi!!

I’ll add that to the next version of the thumbnails package :)

Joseph James Frantz says:

This looks like a great idea! Is it available for Ubuntu as well? (Which repository would I need in my sources.list?) I love the screenshot and would really like to test it.


Rastreador says:

Eso eso, yo también lo quiero para ubuntu, que tiene una pinta estupenda.


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