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{December 22, 2008}   Gender Loops

The Gender Loops Project aims to implement Gender Mainstreaming strategies in vocational training institutions for educators (schools, colleges and universities), further qualification institutions for educators and early childhood education institutions.

Gender Mainstreaming is a strategy to foster equality between women and men that aims to integrate a gender-perspective in all decision processes of organisations, institutions and administrations and to utilize all decision processes to foster equality between women and men.

The EU defines equality between women and men as follows „The concept meaning that all human beings are free to develop their personal abilities and make choices without the limitations set by strict gender roles; that the different behaviour, aspirations and needs of women and men are considered, valued and favoured equally.“

Gender Loops includes tools, resources and strategies to deal with gender issues for teachers in early childhood education and for trainers of teachers. Their web page seems a bit chaotic for the moment, anyway. I’ll try to update this entry as soon as I find more links for the documents.

Also in Spanish: Género y la formación del profesorado en los estudios de Educación Infantil

{December 20, 2008}   Interesting proposals on how to make Debian a better world

I have been positively surprised to find out that some people are taking seriously the fact that some people are being put off from actively participating in Debian‘s discussions because doing so would lead to offensive behaviour and personal attacks, and to try to find a solution to the fact that a very vocal minority is dominating the silent majority. Of course, some people are happy with the statu quo and strongly opposes to changing anything in that direction, not very surprisingly. The part about “I’m really starting to think that this Project could do a lot better without some people” is crystal clear and needs no comments.

I’m not really sure that the current social environment can be fixed just with technical measures. Another proposal talks about some mailing lists extracted from the official ones but with the offending comments filtered out.  I must confess that I find this idea very interesting and that I might think about rejoining such a list. Of course, technical details on how to properly and effectively implement any of this methods, or even a mixed one, can be very tricky.

{December 18, 2008}   In support of Manoj

Well, everybody has been very vocal about it, so I will be too: I don’t like current voting ballot, I won’t defend that, but I do like Manoj as Debian’s secretary and I don’t think he deserves all the attacks he has been subject to. Short and clear.

{December 15, 2008}   How to win online debates (sarcastic)

From How to win online debates, by Adam Graham:

You won’t really influence the direction of what people think on a given issue. The prize is the satisfaction that you won the debate. You beat that guy. You showed him who was right! Congratz! As the author of the article says, quoting the film War Games: “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

{December 09, 2008}   Algunos puntos clave sobre el “bullying” o acoso escolar

(última actualización: 2009.01.19)

{December 07, 2008}   Yo también estoy en contra de la SGAE, sus actitudes y su comportamiento

Así que ya podéis enviar a vuestros detectives a que me espíen:

Uno de los detectives contratados por la entidad, que prefiere mantener el anonimato, ha explicado a este periódico que “acudimos a los actos contra los autores para grabar a todos los que aparecen y después investigarles. No se trata de conocer su patrimonio, sino saber en que páginas webs entran, sus relaciones personales y capacidad de convocatoria”.

{December 02, 2008}   Collaborative maintenance of games between developers of different Linux and BSD systems

Games are probably the kind of software that needs more patching and maintenance. In some cases we even have to effectively act as upstreams ourselves. Currently every distro is doing that on their own, and we end up making n times similar patches to provide the same functionality (put files in the proper places, endianess and word size stuff, building with newer versions of gcc or free toolchains, etc). It makes a lot of sense to share among us all that stuff.

Some of us, developers of different Linux distributions and BSD operative systems have started working together to reduce duplicated work, creating a distribution-agnostic mailing list in freedesktop servers as a first step. Debian Project News talks about this too. You can read more about our goals here. Wish us luck in this new quest, and join us if you’re interested too :)

{December 02, 2008}   I finally added a captcha

I’ve finally decided to add a captcha to the weblog, as spam is getting really unbearable. After having a look at differen options, I finally decided for Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image Plugin. I would have preferred a semantic captcha, due to accesibility stuff and so, but at least it’s something, and a really nice something in fact :)

Update: I’ve decided to remove the captcha and use Akismet instead, as suggested by Super Coco, to keep the site accesible to blind people. Sorry to have left you out.


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