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{June 13, 2007}   Gnash 0.8.0 is released

The third alpha release of Gnash has been released, with the version number of 0.8.0. As the package is now waiting in the NEW queue, I’ve made some packages available for those who want to test them. They’ve been compiled with Debian SID, not with Lenny or Etch. You might notice that the version in NEW is 0.8.0~cvs20070611.1016-1 instead of just 0.8.0. The tarball for the packages in NEW has been obtained from the 0.8.0 branch of the Gnash CVS, while the ones in the directory I mentioned have been created a bit later from the official 0.8.0 tarball release. They should almost be the same in any case.

We have packaged Gnash with the OpenGL backend this time, to be able to support Konqueror‘s plugin. If you want to be able to watch YouTube or Lulu TV videos, don’t forget to add the recommended packages: gstreamer0.10-plugins-base, gstreamer0.10-alsa, gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3, gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg. If you’re not using ALSA, you might need to replace gstreamer0.10-alsa by the corresponding package providind gstreamer0.10-audiosink that suits your system. Without this packages, you will be able to reproduce Gnash films, but not to see video streams.

There seems to be some kind of JavaScript-related problem with Konqueror anyway when visiting YouTube. The videos don’t seem to play from the page, even though they do if you use the .swf URL directly.

Feedback is welcome :)

Anonymous says:

gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 becomes entirely redundant if you install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg.

Anonymous says:

And to give some additional information about that comment: I try not to support or promote Fluendo’s codecs, because they use some serious misdirection to attempt to promote their own. They sell proprietary gstreamer codecs for various other formats, all (to the best of my knowledge) entirely redundant with ffmpeg. The MP3 codec serves merely as their “loss leader”. They then avoid ever mentioning ffmpeg (because it makes their codecs entirely redundant), and spread FUD if ffmpeg comes up.

Note that Fluendo has contributed useful work to gstreamer as well; I don’t mean to suggest that they have done nothing useful. However, their codecs and FUD cause only confusion.

FrIkI says:

Va perfectamente Miriam!

Dos observaciones: me esta fundiendo la CPU de mi portátil con cualquier flash activo y que los videos de youtube se reproducen bien pero con unas rayas horizontales que ocupan aproximadamente la primera cuarta parte de la pantalla (izquierda).

Probado sobre amd64 y i386.


PD: Se le está terminando el tiempo al ‘flashplugin-nonfree’ :-)

Miry says:

FrIkI: Ese es uno de los motivos por los que queria crear el paquete con AGG. Creo que lo de las rayas horizontales es un problema del backend OpenGL. A ver si puedo hacer algo estos dias desde la DebConf :)

Gracias por el feedback! :)

damog says:


fuoco says:

I used the package to compile it on a powerpc machine and it works – but not so well because of the opengl backend. Even though I do have 3d accel on this r300 card it is too slow for playing movies for some reason. Is there some way to use AAG instead? (I don’t use konqueror anyhow…)

Miry says:

I’ll try to make newer packages using the AGG backend :)

Anonymous says:

/me is looking forward to gnash 0.8.0 in backports.org ;-)

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