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{September 03, 2009}   New cutie in Debian: Zaz

Zaz (“Zaz ain’t Z***”) is nice action puzzle game, similar to Zuma, in which you have to get rid of all the balls that roll around the screen through some given paths by rearranging their order in the chain. The balls explode and dissapear when three or more of the same color get in contact. The whole game is controlled through the mouse device.


Through the game  some special balls appear, with a tiny symbol over them, that makes your life easier by doing thinks like make all the balls step back a bit, making them move more slowly, stopping them for a while or giving you a ray to help you point your device and get and drop the balls where you want. You lose a life when the balls reach their destination hole, so be quick!

The game currently has 10 different levels, but will probably have more in the future, and needs a 3D accelerator for decent gameplay. Zaz has just entered Debian repositories. If you like arcade puzzles, you should definitely give it a try. If you use Ubuntu Jaunty, you can also find it in my PPA.

The original game included CC-by-sa-nc 3.0 music from Nine Inch Nails, which had to be removed for the game to go into Debian Main.

The game has already been translated to Polish and Spanish, probably other translations will follow in the future, but it is not really text-based at all, so that shouldn’t really be a problem for anyone.

Patrick says:

Well, somehow different then Zuma, but interesting. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to provide the NIN-sounds in non-free as a enhancement package?
Best Regards,

Miry says:

Well, about the non-free music (the sounds have not being removed, only the music), it is not really too high in my priorities list (among other things because I personally prefer to have my own music and play the game with just the sounds, so the current situation is better for me), but if I find some time for that I might do it. Thanks :)

icwiener says:

Umm, it it just me or do the screenshots look like an X-ray of male and female genitals? :)

Ah, and German translation was just sent in. :)

Anonymous says:

Fun game! Thanks for packaging it.

Miry says:

It seems that you have a dirty mind, icwiener :P XD

Oh, wait, why dirty? .. Hmm .. It seems you have a scientific mind :)

pixelpapst says:

I’m ususally not to fond of non-free, but – damn ! An NIN soundtrack ! Last game I played that had an NIN soundtrack rocked sooo much ! :-)
Let me know if you need any help splitting out that -nonfree package.

“Our priorities are our users and kick-ass danceable TUNES !”… or something like that. :)

Miry says:

pixelpapst: Are you offering to help? I can fix the package so that if the music is present it uses it, but I don’t have the time for preparing the new package with the music, although it shouldn’t be difficult, just putting the mus*.ogg songs in /usr/share/games/zaz/ and modifying a bit the patches. I will upload it and fix the patches if you make it. :)

Ritesh Raj Sarraf says:

This is something I missed.

TGM says:

Was it the music from the Ghosts I-IV album?
I’d really like to know what tracks/music was used…

Miry says:

TGM: The easiest way to find out is to get the tarball from http://sourceforge.net/projects/zaz/files/ and listen to the mus*.ogg songs that it contains.

rustam says:

wow, nice, i missed it too :D
since early this month I had no time to read all feeds including planet.debian.org, and I just have it now. looks like I never saw your post on there.. btw, thanks for packaging this stuff. APT-ing now, can’t wait to try.

Miriam Ruiz says:

[...] might remember the action puzzle game Zaz. Well, we now have a new puzzle game from the same author (Remigiusz ‘mal1ce’ Dybka), [...]

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