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{February 02, 2008}   is Yahoo! Answers rejecting Open-Source options in their forums?

Guess what happens if you recommend free software in Yahoo! forums? Your message might just be deleted for violating their Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Someone got a computer from a friend that had some serious problems with Windows. They had none of the disks (XP or restore) and were asking for recommendations. Amanda Kerik’s suggestion was to install Ubuntu or Kubuntu instead. It seems that they didn’t like that suggestion in Yahoo! Answers, as they simply deleted it. Might it be that Yahoo! simply loves Microsoft too much?

fred says:

Maybe because of the close relationship Yahoo! – MS? :p Or maybe because MS is going to buy Yahoo! (if Yahoo! accepts the offer)…

madduck says:

Considering that Microsoft is currently bidding for Yahoo, this is hardly surprising… good spot though!

Prashant kumar says:

That guy had a problem with XP and answer should have been how to fix it, rather answer given was install Ubuntu ! Do you think that if you lose key s of your car then buying a new car is the best possible solution to your problem ? Why would Yahoo! sensor open source options in answer. They themselves use and support open source, you can always link to articles which are subjective.

Miry says:

Prashant, do you really think censorship is the solution? Do you think you’re doing users a favour by deleting the answers you don’t personally like? Don’t you think it would be much better to give the users all the possible solutions and let them choose? I’m not asking Yahoo! guys to say that it’s the best solution, I just think that, whatever their personal option would be, they shouldn’t delete the other options.

So, why would Yahoo! Answers censor Free Software/Open Source options, you ask? I don’t have a single clue of why they might be doing it. If you have the answer, please tell me.

Kevin Mark says:

Yahoo uses floss. there are 100′s of forums with 100′s of moderators. So I think it was just a subjective decision on the part of one moderator on one forum. If you went into #debian and told someone to ‘install windows’, how quickly would you be *kicked*? And would it be *on-topic*. Now if it happened in a consistent way across many forums, they maybe it a problem.
Not that its bad to keep track of these issue, but ‘hanson’s rules’ may apply.

gian says:

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Paulo says:

it’s a complete lack of freedom – shame on them

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