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{January 24, 2008}   Newer packages for Gnash – Not in Debian for the moment

I’ve prepared newer packages for Gnash, and put them available online (source packages here). I cannot put them in Debian yet, due to license uncertainties. Gnash is GPLv3, and so is Konqueror’s plugin. KDE is a mixture of licenses ranging from GPLv2 only, LGPL, GPLv2 or above, BSD. Nothing GPL3 there anyway, AFAIK. Qt used to be GPLv2 only, and even though it seems to be GPLv2 or above now, I’ve been told that the version in Debian is still GPLv2 only. GPLv3 and GPLv2 only are not compatible, and thus Gnash cannot be legally distributed in Debian yet, so if anyone wants it before this is sorted out, no other choice than getting them from outside of the official repositories. Another possibility would be to package everything but Konqueror’s Kparts plugin for the moment.

fatal says:

“cannot be legally distributed in Debian yet” – They can not be legally distributed *at* *all* (there’s nothing Debian-specific about it) if they have linked GPLv3-only and GPLv2-only stuff together.
I guess it’s highly unlikely anyone will crucify you for doing so, but still…. be careful.

Miry says:

Yeah, you’re right, fatal. If I get a C & D from Trolltech, KDE, FSF or so, I’ll remove my binary packages from there (there’s no legal problem in distributing the source ones). What I meant is that it’s not legally risky, as there won’t be any real legal problem for me or anyone using those packages, but I cannot put them in Debian yet because of that. Thanks for the comment anyway :)

Stephen Gran says:

If the packages can’t be distributed on Debian.org servers, they also can’t be distributed from (alioth.)Debian.org. I’d prefer you remove those binaries.


Miry says:

No problem Stephen, I’ll move them to my web space.

Stephen Gran says:

Thanks for reacting so quickly. Not trying to give you a hard time, and I hope you understand.

Jonathan Riddell says:

klash links to kdelibs and Qt 3. kdelibs is entirely LGPL 2.1 which is compatible with GPL 2+. So there is no problem once the GPL 3 happy Qt 3.3.8b is in.

Jonathan Riddell says:

(There are also exiting Qt-linking packages in Debian which link to GPL 3 libraries, so I wouldn’t worry too much about imminent arrest).

the debian user » Blog Archive » Planet Debian Search says:

[...] Oh, and for those who care about a free Flash player: Miriam Ruiz told us about the latest Gnash things… thanks and mucho graçias to you as well, Miriam. [...]

Miry says:

Thanks Jonathan. I’ll wait for that. Until then, I’ve discovered that the current packages already in Debian suffer from the same problem as my latest ones, and the license does not allow their redistribution, as they’re GPLv3 and linked to GPLv2 only Qt code.

FrIkI says:

Que tal miry?!
Probé el gnash, pero no consigo reproducir ningún stream de video (youtubes y similares).
Hay que instalar algo más a parte de lo que comentas en http://www.miriamruiz.es/weblog/?p=68 ?

Un saludo!

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