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{January 16, 2008}   Sexism? Hostility?

The story seems to have started with Damog supporting sexism and xenophobia in Debian, followed by Bernhard’s comment about that not being tolerable under Debian’s flag. Aigarius replied kinda shocked that stopping verbal abuses and violence would be censorship. AJ clearly explained the reasons why that shouldn’t be tolerated in Debian, but Aigarius seems to keep thinking that poor jerks are being discriminated when they’re not allowed to insult us. Wouter seems to be tired of the whole topic. Am I missing any chapter?

Now my turn: We are on the right way. Since the Debian-Women project started, we have being able to achieve a friendly and non-sexist environment inside Debian, which is something that I’d really like to keep. It doesn’t really mind that a couple of people try to go back to a hostile environment. Trolls just do exist, I guess, but they are not representative of the general feeling of the people inside Debian. Damog, I won’t get the fuck out of here, like it or not. It seems to me that it’s just a couple of you who are happy to be in such an aggressive environment as the one you’re promoting. For what I know, most of Debian people are happy to live in peace. You don’t have social life? You don’t like it? That’s your problem, dude, but don’t ask us to leave ours. I respect you, you know I have always done. I’m just very disappointed with your comment. Really. Making fun of other people’s problems and traumas is simply bullying. I hope you think about it.

For the rest of Debian, keep up the good job. Right now my feeling is that the level of sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia, hostility and unfriendliness in general inside Debian development’s world is below the average in the Free Software world. It’s nice to be there, and I’m really proud of belonging here, which is something I cannot say about every group in Free Software. I’d like to keep it that way. Sorry for the aggressiveness in this weblog entry.


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